FULL SERVICE packing and unpacking:


Our packing options are designed to accommodate our different customers and their unique preferences and needs. In other words, you can pack as much—or as little—as you like. 

Choose among one of our packing options:

  • Full-service packing: This option is for those who simply want us to do all of the packing for them. We supply all of the packing materials and supplies (boxes, padding, packing paper, tape, etc.) and professionally pack up all of the belongings in your entire household. We also blanket-wrap your furniture to protect it during transit.
  • Partial packing: This option may be for customers who have some select items they would like to pack or who want to organize and pack some of their boxes themselves. In this option, you do some of the packing and we'll do the rest, including blanket wrapping your furniture to protect it in transit.
  • Do-it yourself packing: This option is for customers who prefer to pack all of their belongings themselves. If you pick this option, we'll still blanket wrap your furniture for you to protect it in transit. This option is included at no additional cost. 
  • Complete unpacking: This option is for customers who would like us to unpack all of their belongings for them. We'll take everything out of the boxes for you and then you can choose where to put everything once unpacked. We'll also remove all of the boxes/debris for you.

With our skilled, certified packers, you can rest assured knowing that some of the best and most experienced moving professionals in the business are helping you with your packing and unpacking. 

All of our packers share one common goal: The safe and expeditious arrival of your household belongings.

Your household belongings are your prized possessions and, at Treasure Coast Moving And Storage, we treat them that way. 

We’ll design a personalized packing plan that best fits your budget, belongings and timeline to help make your moving experience smooth and trouble-free. 

Whether or not you need help packing and/or unpacking, we’ll handle all of the loading, transportation and unloading.

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